It’s all about the Tradies! – Tradies National Health Month

Tradies Health Month

It’s all about the Tradies! Yes, it’s Tradies National Health month, which means taking a look at your health and well-being.

Tradies National Health Month aims to raise awareness of the risks posed to those who work in trade occupations – among individuals, their families, employers and the wider community.

An initiative by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA), its aim is to educate and encourage tradies to pay more attention to their health and safety.

‘According to “Stop Trading Your Health Away 2014“ APA report, tradies are involved in most of the work-related injuries reported in Australia, with statistics showing one in every five serious work-related injuries involves a tradie.’

From staying safe in hot weather, to visiting a physio regularly, or talking openly about depression and mental health, the initiative encourages everyone to take part in ensuring Tradie’s look after themselves.

‘Tradies’ health must be everyone’s priority—this month, all employers, physiotherapists and tradies have the chance to get involved. Find out how.’

This month is a great time for tradies to focus on their health and well-being, and we are fully on board! For more information visit for latest tips from the Australian Physiotherapy Association on preventing injury, resources for your work site and more.

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