Stop wasting time (and money) quoting jobs that are aren’t going to deliver.

Do you go to quote jobs only to find out when you arrive that you are wasting your time?  The job turns out to be something you don’t do (or don’t want to do) or the prospective client is just shopping around?

Your time is valuable and could have been better spent doing something else.Time is Money. Stop Wasting It.

One way to minimise this is to qualify the lead before you go to quote, to save yourself the time and frustration travelling to quote jobs that are not going to pan out.

Here is a simple lead qualifying process that you can easily implement in your business so you are spending more time with prospects that are going to deliver (and less with those that are just wasting your time)

Implement these rules for new prospects and quoting:

  1. Don’t go to quote a job if the lead is unqualified.  A 10-15 minute structured telephone conversation saves you from visiting leads that are not right for you, so you can spend time with those that are right.
  2. Have a structured list of questions or a checklist in place.  Use this list of questions for every qualification call.  This means that you can control the call and evaluate the lead quickly.  The qualification call should not take more than 10-15 minutes and is not meant to replace the site visit.
  3. Not all leads suit your business model, so pass on those that don’t fit. While it is tempting to chase every lead that comes your way, it’s not the most productive way to spend your time and grow a profitable business. Create a checklist that clearly defines who you want to work for (and who you don’t), what you do (and what you don’t).  You can also include your terms and pricing model to further qualify the leads fit within your business model.
  4. A qualified lead might not always have an immediate need:  A lead might not be ready to start something straight away, but they can still be a valuable lead so it is worthwhile to qualify them.  For those that qualify you can start with providing them with some assistance and use this interaction to develop the relationship for the future. When they are ready to progress, make sure it is you that are going to call
  5. Real prospects want to talk about their project.  During a 15 minute phone call you will get a good sense if this is a real customer before you give up several hours of your time to go to site to quote.
  6. The qualification call is not a sales call, so listen.  Don’t try and sell anything. The purpose of this 15 minute call is to qualify the lead. Listen and ask questions to clarify so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to progress with this lead.
  7. If the lead doesn’t fit, then refer them to another trades-person. If the client is not right for you, get their details, refer them to someone in your network. Make sure the fit is right, because referring a client to someone unsuitable makes no-one happy. Think about how you react when someone refers you business that is not suitable.

If you would like some assistance getting started with your qualification process, email us and we will send you a copy of the lead qualification sheet that we use for our clients.

PS  If you do end up at a time wasting quote, make sure you have a plan to get the most

  • Make sure you get contact details (email) to add them to your database.
  • Drop off some flyers or business cards when you are in the area.
  • Don’t stay too long
  • Work out how they got through your qualification process and adjust it.