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The team at Clever Cow will help you find the right candidates for your business.

Having difficulty recruiting quality employees? Are you busy with work and in need of more staff? Finding skilled individuals can be a time consuming and challenging process, especially when you want to keep up with demand and make the most of your growing business.

Clever Cow will find you the perfect match!

It doesn’t matter whether you are recruiting for new employees, apprentices or subcontractors, our experienced and locally based team can manage the recruitment process, so you don’t have to. At Clever Cow, we create a tailored position that stays true to the brief and utilise various channels and resources to find quality and skilled candidates.

By making the process simple we can take the headache of finding highly skilled and competent staff away from you and allow you to build your business with the right workforce.

Find out about our recruitment packages:

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Placing apprentices of different ages into the right roles with employers.

Our mission is to support those in the younger generation who wish to acquire a trade. Whether male or female, a school-leaver or an adult simply wishing to change careers, we work together with schools and sporting teams to provide the incredible opportunity to launch a career in trade and construction.